Self Consumption for Communities (CER) 4

Self Consumption for Communities (CER)

Self-Consumption for communities (CER)

Self-Consumption for communities (CER)

Dive into the realm of Energy Communities with Spark Wave Energy, where we unite solar energy Producers and environmentally-conscious Consumers on a shared journey towards sustainability and reduced energy costs.



In Energy Communities, citizens, public entities, and private organizations collaborate to produce, consume, and share 100% renewable energy. The process begins with the installation of solar panels in spaces provided by Producers. These panels generate energy for self-consumption, and any surplus energy is distributed to fellow community members (Consumers).



Energy Communities at Spark Wave Energy are more than a concept; they are a transformative approach to energy consumption. To establish an Energy Community, all you need is a solar energy producer and at least one nearby consumer. At Spark Wave Energy, we simplify the creation of Energy Communities by assisting in member attraction and providing full support.



The journey unfolds as energy is generated by Producers through solar panels with our dedicated assistance. A portion of this energy is self-consumed by the Producer, while the surplus is shared with surrounding Consumers at a more competitive price. This collaborative effort ensures that everyone involved enjoys the benefits of clean and cost-effective energy, resulting in an average savings of 20% to 30% for all community members.



Join Spark Wave Energy in creating a sustainable and interconnected energy future through our innovative Energy Community solutions. Experience the power of collaboration for cleaner, greener, and more affordable energy.

Why SWE!

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing cutting-edge renewable energy solutions. Backed by the expertise of Octopus Energy Generation, we bring global experience to your doorstep. 

Choose us for seamless consultations, personalized proposals, and 100% funded installations that ensure immediate savings without any capital burden or any other burden on your end.

With Spark Wave Energy, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in a partnership dedicated to guide your business through the path of Energy Transition. Take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future – choose Spark Wave Energy and power your success.